Areni Wine Festival

The “Areni Wine Fetiva”l opens with the bright and colorful and spectacular parade of the best wine-makers, combined with the song and dance combination.
The festival program includes;
• Opening ceremony
• Armenian wine-makers’ Fair
• Public and professional wine tasting
• Exhibition-fair of traditional dishes, made by the best Armenian restaurants
• Business Meetings
• National music, dances, games, theatrical performances
• Art program, participation of art amateur groups
• Contests;
– “Armenia in your eyes” best wine label contest,
– “Gold Keg” prize for the best wine among the best wine-producers,
– Homemade wine producers contest
– “The best souvenir of the festival”
Currently there works two wine factories in Areni village. And by this wine people embellish their traditional and revelry tables and wish good luck and best wishes to each other.

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