COVID-19 Travel restrictions 2022

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According to the amendments made to the Government Decree of RA N 1514-N, dated September 11

• upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia travelers will be asked to provide:

1. Either a COVID-19 PCR test certificate* with a negative result taken within the previous 72 hours, or
2. Certificate* of complete vaccination against COVID-19, in dosages defined according to the instructions for use of the given vaccine.

• For single-dose vaccines, certificate* confirming that it was injected at least 28 days (4 weeks) before entering the country.

• For multi-dose vaccines, certificate* confirming that the last dosage was injected at least 14 days before entering the country.

• A certificate with a negative result or a vaccination certificate is not required for children up to 6 years 11 months 29 days old.

• The travelers entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia from the territory of the Russian Federation should present the certificates through “Путешествую без COVID-19” mobile application.

• For foreign nationals the entry of RA remains open both by air and by land, in case they present either a vaccination certificate or a certificate with a negative result of PCR test, no later than 72 before entering the country. The latter are prohibited from entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia in case of not presenting any of above mentioned certificates.

• Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, foreign nationals with temporary or permanent residence status in the Republic of Armenia, stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Armenia, persons in asylum and those with refugee status, in case of not presenting any of above mentioned certificates, are subject to sampling at the airport or land border crossing points and mandatory self isolation until a negative PCR test result is obtained.

• The PCR test-related expenses are covered by the traveler.

• Due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), quarantine is established in the territory of the Republic of Armenia till June 20, 2022.

The traveler can present the vaccination certificate via mobile application or present the printed version of the certificate exported rom the application protected with a QR code with the necessary data.

In case of rejection of sampling or examination, all non-holders of the relevant certificate will be isolated for 14 days.

The person will be hospitalized if corresponding symptoms are detected as a result of the examination.

*The certificate should be in Armenian, Russian or English printed on the official letterhead and should contain the following information:

• all contacts and the name of the head of the medical institution where the test/vaccination was taken,

• the name, surname, date of birth, and passport number of the examined/vaccinated person,

• the result of the test, the vaccine manufacturing name and the product’s serial number, the dates of the first and the second dosages, signed and sealed by the head of the medical institution.

* The certificate is required to be in Armenian, Russian or English languages with the contact details of the medical institution that conducted the test/vaccination, indicating:

• The name and the surname of the tested vaccinated person, the number of the ID or social security card, or individual state health insurance number, or unified identification certificate number.

• In the case of presenting a certificate of the European Union member states, the year of birth (day, month, year), the result of the examination, the name of the vaccine, the series, the dates of injection of the first or second doses.