Conditions of use

Conditions of use

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1.Registration and payment

All registrations should be accompanied by the payment of a deposit representing 40% minimum of the total trip amount. Receipt of the deposit will enable us, among other things, to validate the reservations of certain services (accommodation, transports, …) that require immediate payment. As soon as the file is confirmed, the client will also be requested to provide information concerning the participant(s) (family name, first name, birth date, passport number) in order to guarantee the reservations. The remaining trip balance must be paid 60 days prior to the actual start of the trip.

2. Payment methods

You can make your payments to uTravel via PayPal, bank transfer or other methods indicated in the section “Your account” on our website.

3. Cancellation fees

uTravel must be informed as soon as possible by email confirming your cancellation. The date of this email is used to calculate any cancellation fees.
– More than 30 days before the arrival date : the deposit will be retained, as this corresponds to the payments and work already made to guarantee the trip
– From 15 to 30 days before arrival: 60% of total record will be retained.
– Less than 15 days before the arrival date: 100 % of total record will be retained.
In the event that the client changes the number of participants, prices shall be revised and adapted to the new number of participants.
We recommendsubscribing to a cancellation contract with your insurer in your country or via your Bank Card.

4. Claims

Any claim concerning a tour (disagreement, portion of the tour not completed, etc.) should be filed by the client with uTravel. Any dispute that may arise shall be settled by mutual consent. In the event of total disagreement, as uTravel is a company incorporated in Armenia, the Armenian Court shall be the competent authority. It should be noted that Armenian legislation, as far as tourists are concerned, is among the most efficient and protective in the world for tourists, whether they are of Armenian, European or non-European nationality.
For travellers, it is a guarantee of your rights and legal proceedings in the event of any problems with the uTravel services.

5. Insurance

Upon accepting to travel with uTravel, it is mandatory for you to personally subscribe to a repatriation assistance insurance policy.
Most payment cards (bank cards, for example) give entitlement to one or two types of insurance; travel insurance and a medical assistance/repatriation agreement. In the event that you paid for your plane ticket with your Visa card, you are normally insured de facto – you can contact your bank for more information on this matter.

6. Liability

Passports, vaccinations: Trip My France shall not replace each participant’s individual liability. Throughout the trip, participants must follow any and all rules and formalities related to health, customs and police. Each participant is personally responsible for obtaining all the documents required by the authorities of the countries to be visited. uTravel shall not be held responsible for any delay with documents or a participant’s incapacity to present valid documents. All fees incurred shall be at the client’s expense. Any trip interrupted or cut short by the participant and for whatever cause shall not give rise to any reimbursement whatsoever. Contact the closest Armenian Embassy or Consular’s Office for information about customs formalities in effect in Armenia.

7. Luggage

Your luggage remains your own, individual responsibility on a permanent basis.

8. Air transportation & Climate

If your trip is changed due to air traffic disruption or inclement weather, we shall not be held responsible. The resulting costs shall be at your expense. Activities cancelled due to inclement weather shall not be reimbursed; an alternative will be offered insofar as possible.

9. Force majeure

If external events were to disrupt the normal operation of the country (ex: social unrest, strikes, etc.), uTravel reserves the right to cancel a trip or to modify its content. In case of cancellation, the deposit corresponding to the prepayment of the services already booked shall be withheld. In case of a change in itinerary, a new quote shall be made.

10. Prices and Taxes

All our prices are in USD and tax inclusive, meaning our prices include VAT (value added tax of 20 %), which is mandatory in Armenia
Acceptance of a tour or a package entails acceptance of our General Terms of Sale.