Sasunik village

Sasunik village

Sasunik is a village in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. It was founded as a collective farm in 1955, and villagers were resettled from the old village of Sasunik in 1960. The community of Sasunik also includes the village of Karin.


Aghdzk is a village on the slopes of Mount Aragats in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. It is home to the Arshakid Mausoleum, a large grave monument complex and basilica of the 4th to 5th centuries. King Shapur II of Persia exhumed the bones of the Armenian kings and took them to Persia symbolically taking […]


Hovk is a village in the Dilijan Municipality of the Tavush Province in Armenia. The village was populated by Azerbaijanis before the exodus of Azerbaijanis from Armenia after the outbreak of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. In 1988-1989 Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan settled in the village; refugees from Getashen, the villages of Shamkhor as well as from […]


Hankavan is a village and a summer resort in the Kotayk Province of Armenia along in the Marmarik River below the Pambak mountains range. It is notable for its mineral springs, which were used as part of a sanitarium industry during the Soviet period.


Yenokavan is a village and summer resort in the Tavush Province of Armenia. The village is located a few kilometres to the north of the regional capital of Ijevan, close to the main highway. The canyon near the village is lush with forests, rivers and has caves with ancient carvings. The village features the Yell […]


Geghadir, is a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia, located on the Yerevan-Garni road. The ancestors of the inhabitants came from Van, Khnus, Kars, and Bitlis in 1918–1924. Before that, the village was primarily populated by Turkic-speaking Muslims.


Aghveran is a mountain resort in the Kotayk Province of Armenia, within the municipality of Arzakan village, located to the north of Buzhakan village. It is situated on the Hrazdan River’s right-side tributary of Dalar.

Lori berd

Lori Berd is a village in the Lori Province of Armenia, just east of Stepanavan. It is the site of the medieval fortress “Lori Berd” located on a peninsula along the deep gorge cut by the Dzoraget and Tashir rivers. Lori Berd is situated at an altitude of 1379 m.


Sanahin is a village in the northern province of Lori in Armenia, now considered part of the city of Alaverdi (a cable car connects it with Alaverdi). The village is notable for its Sanahin Monastery complex, founded in the 10th century and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the monastery in nearby […]


Oshakan village

Oshakan is a major village in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia located 8 kilometers southwest from Ashtarak. It is well known to historians and pilgrims of the Armenian Apostolic Church as the site of the grave of Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet.