Shikahogh Reserve

The Shikahogh Reserveis situated in the northern slopes of the Meghri ridge that protects the area from hot air masses from the Iranian Plateau, while the high Zangezur range stretches from north to south and slows humid air from the Caspian Sea. Such a system of mountain ranges and ridges creates a wide diversity of […]

Erebuni Reserve

Erebuni state natural reserve was established in 1981. Its goal is protection the wild species of wheat and other cereals in their natural growing places. It is in South-east from Yerevan between villages Musharbyur and Geradir. The altitude above sea level is 1300-1400m. The area is 89 hectares. In the reserve are growing three of […]

Dilijan Reserve

«Dilijan National Park» is situated in the north of Armenia, in one of most picturesque areas. The main subjects of protection are beech and oak forests that also include some pines (Pinus kochianus), as well as the shady yew grove of Hakhnabad with impressive Taxus baccata trees and a few springs-fed lakes. The most beautiful […]

Khosrov Reserve

Khosrov Forest reserve was established in the 3rd c CE by the Arshakuni King Khosrov the Great, grandfather to Trdat III. Khosrov is reputed to have had planted over one million trees, creating a private hunting preserve while saving a piece of Armenias unique ecosystem for generations. Most of the forests from his time are […]

Sevan National Park

Despite being landlocked, Armenia can still boast of its “blue pearl”, the majestic Lake Sevan. This unique natural reservoir is one of the biggest and highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake spreads its waters along the base of the Geghama mountain range bordered by the Sevan, Vardenis, and Areguni mountain chains. A total […]